After years of playing with ideas, SNdubstation has come to life! Fusing reggae, ska and dub, their sound is definitely worth a party

SN Dubstation are a reggae/Dub/Ska band. Merging influence from all genres of music, their sound will get you into party mode.

The sound merges trippy synths, twangy guitars, melodic horns, pounding bass lines and beats you can't help but move to. With gigs all over the UK this young band is set to make a big impression on the festival circuit this year.

Hailing from Swindon, Wiltshire, SN Dubstation are a lively 8 piece band comprising of Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar and that all important Brass section.

They have taken their inspiration from traditional reggae and ska, but added their own twist of energy to make some fantastically infectious music that is guaranteed to get everyone moving.